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Flat Roofing

Is your flat roof old and tired?

Does it puddle with water?

Don't wait until your roof is leaking before considering getting it replaced!

 A leaky roof can cause;

  • damage to the roof boards

  • water damage/ rot of roof trusses

  • water damage to inside plasterboard, in some cases causing your ceiling to completely come down

  • water ingress to your electrics, causing a safety hazard.

failed roof_edited.jpg

 After a site visit, we will be able to offer advice on what route is best for you and your roof.

  • When we replace a roof, we completely strip the old roof covering.

  • Remove old roof boards and clean out the roof space. (at this stage insulation can be added if there's none present).

  • Install new OSB T&G boards, giving a nice and strong deck to install the roof covering.

  • As standard, we install a one-piece EPDM rubber. Being in one sheet, there is no need for joins which minimises the chance of any leaks. 

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